vCISO Services

Business Alignment

Security is usually perceived as an obstacle, costing money and interfering with schedule of critical initiatives the business has. Our experienced CISOs can help align business and security objective. Achieving added value with the least impact on the business.

Strategic Risk Management

Security risk management can be done adhoc, tactical or strategically. What is the difference? Cost and competitive advantage to competitors. Tactical security risk management does not allow organizations to see synergies and taking advantage of cost savings.

Experienced CISOs

All of our vCISOs have at least 15 years of experience working in Information Security and at least 5-10 years in leading security programs with medium to large organizations.

Security as Business Enabler

Our vCISOs know how to enable the business, leveraging security as a strategic advantage over competitors. Many organizations have adopted vendor assessments. Understanding that there are risk that are inherited from vendors holding data and/or providing services to the organization.

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