Change Management

Failing during Execution

Security Projects have been known to fail during implementation or during the execution phase. Why? There are many aspects to this. With over 24 years experience, we can help you in being successful in implementing the right solution.

Human Factor

If you hear "user error" or "human firewall" from a consultant then walk away. Human beings are our best defense against security risks. The Human Factor is underestimated in many cases, resulting in expensive failed security control implementations.

User Requirements

Many Security projects do not gather requirements and feedback from the users impacted by the change. This usually results in a security control implementation that is not tailored to the needs of the users. It is perceived as an obstacle instead of something valuable to protect the user.

Security Training

We can provide in class security training. Most organizations have implemented Computer Based Training (CBT). This is a good starting point but will not give you the most what you can get out of training. In person training usually are more effective and can give you the traction you need to address security risks.

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