Pandemic and Disaster Recovery

Preparation for Disasters

We can help you to build your Disaster Recovery (DR) capabilities, as well test and advise on how to improve them. Disasters have become major issues for organizations. Climate change, e.g. 2020 has been the busiest hurricane season in history so far, is a reason to invest into DR.

Pandemic Response

2020 has taught many organizations the value of their pandemic response capabilities. If you do not have those capabilities or you discovered major gaps in your response then we can help. We can help identify and build the necessary capabilities, so that a remote workforce can work smoothly and secure.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity  which is overarching, including Disaster Recovery, is a critical topic for any organization. Cloud enabled or with a traditional data center approach to IT.

Remote Workforce

No matter if it is due to a disaster or pandemic or simply because your organization has adopted a remote work culture. We can help you to identify and implement the right strategy, for your workforce, to securely work from home.

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