Security Assessments

Vulnerability Scans

We can conduct vulnerability scans, external as well as internal. Vulnerability scans are part of your cyber hygiene and should be conducted at least monthly. 

Risk Assessments

NIST identifies in its SP 800-30rev1 various levels, where security risks can be identified. A board of directors is likely not seeing any value in a technical risk assessment. We can provide risk assessments at various levels, helping you communicate security risks to stakeholders in your organization.

Web Application Assessments

According to various Statistics, the application exposed to the Internet are one of the main intrusion points with organizations. We can conduct web application assessments, identifying weak security, providing you with remediation instructions.

Best Practice Assessment

We can review your configuration settings against best practice settings (e.g. CIS benchmarks), providing you with recommendations on how to change your configuration, to improve your security posture.

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