vCISO - Staff Augmentation

Alignment with Business

Many times security can be a disruptive factor in operating a business. A seasoned vCISO can help align security processes with the business process, achieving better time to market with less exposure to security risks.

Achieving Cost Savings

A reactive security program can easily become a money pit, without achieving the risk management that is desired by the business. The vCISO will look at security from a strategic perspective, leveraging their knowledge and experience.

Competitive Advantage

The right approach to security will become a differentiator to your competition. Many organization have recognized the risks that a third party might impose on their business, requiring those third parties to pass security requirements.

Better Risk Management

A vCISO can help putting risks and mitigation efforts into perspective and oversee remediation efforts, allowing the organization to achieve a better security risk posture over time. Too often organizations get too busy with other tasks, a vCISO can help.

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