Cyber Risk Management - No matter where...when...or what You can count on 1SSA, LLC
Cyber Risk Management -No matter where...when...or what You can count on 1SSA, LLC

Welcome to 1SSA, LLC

1SSA, LLC was founded in 2008 by Mr. Frank Siepmann, a seasoned security executive with over 20 years of experience working in the Cyber Security Space. With our expertise, 1SSA will assist you in uncovering your organization’s security risks. We will provide expert guidance on how to define a mitigation strategy. 1SSA has the expertise in cyber security, industrial control systems, physical security, embedded device security and insider threat to lower your security risk.


CISO / Board Level Consulting

We can help you to find the right level of communication between your board and you, the CISO. Or we can provide you with a virtual CISO.


Critical Infrastructure  / Terror Risk Assessment

We conduct an all-inclusive risk assessment from physical security, technical cyber controls, up to a business process level - tailored to your need and budget.

Small / Home Office Security Solutions

Our next generation Wifi-IDS can help you in securing your wireless perimeter that is the most exposed. We also provide monitored gateway solutions for a low monthly price.

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