Total Pen Test

What is a Total Pen Test?

We will try to attack your organization at various levels:

Cyber:                            We will try to attack your IT systems from the Internet,                                          simulating a malicious attacker that sits somewhere on the                                          Internet.

Physical:                       We will try to gain access to your facilities that contain                                          sensitive information. This includes also hacking attacks                                          against your internal network.

Social Engineering:   Ethical hackers will try to gain access to sensitive information                                          by using social engineering methods to gain trust with                                                        employees.

We will provide you with a report, spelling out the attack surface of your organization and where you have weaknesses and provide recommendations on how to make improvements.

We have professionals that have the experience and the skills to test your defenses.


Primary     :  U.S.A.
Secondary:  Germany, E.U.


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Phone: +1 7O3-596-5611

About Us:

Established in 2008
Working in Information/Cyber Security since 1996