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What is a Security Program?

A security program has the purpose of helping you to identify your cyber risks and put in place measures to address unacceptable levels of risk. It consists of technology, processes, training, policies, standards and dedicated security personnel.

Why formalize a Security Program?

A formal security program will help you to understand your risks, identify measures to address them and be strategic about including security into your overall operation.

What is the NIST Cyber Security Framework (NIST CSF) 

The Cyber Security Framework (CSF) was developed by the National Institute for Standards (NIST). It was originally intended to be used by organizations in the critical infrastructure space. However, it is now a commonly adopted framework that has gotten even international interest. 

Why adopt the NIST Cybersecurity Framework? 

The Cyber Security Framework was developed with cost and capabilities in mind. It boils down the effort to the essential elements that a security program should have. At the same time the NIST CSF allows for it to be used with other security regulations and frameworks. 

Who should be looking at the NIST CSF? 

If you have not adopted a security program, you should be looking at the NIST CSF. 

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