Cyber Risk Management - No matter where...when...or what You can count on 1SSA, LLC
Cyber Risk Management -No matter where...when...or what You can count on 1SSA, LLC

Critical Infrastructure / Terror Risk Assessment

Terror attacks, whether by internal or external threat actors, have, unfortunately, become part of our working environment. Organizations that make up the Critical Infrastructure play a critical role and have become a major target for terrorists and nation states intent on disrupting society.


Mr. Siepmann lists among his accomplishments, his active participation in the development of the NIST Cyber Security Framework. It has become a de-facto standard for Cybersecurity for organizations in the Critical Infrastructure space. The framework identifies Cybersecurity controls that help to address basic "cyber hygiene" risks. Many companies offer assessments to measure you against those controls. We, at 1SSA, LLC, believe a holistic approach rather than a checklist for controls is a more effective and cost-efficient way to address your overall risk. Physical Security, Wireless Security, Cyber Security and People must interact and rely on each other to keep your business secure.


We, at 1SSA, LLC, have developed a risk assessment methodology that goes beyond the Cyber aspect of security risks. We understand Industrial Control Systems, Wireless security that goes beyond 802.11, Disaster Recovery and Physical Security. Our consultants can provide you with an all-inclusive picture of your risk to prevent Terror attacks of any kind.


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